Local product find: Twin Brooks Creamery

One of the things I hate about buying things is throwing out their packaging and containers when I’m done. I’ve been known to stare wistfully into the recycle bin after a discarded tub of sour cream, mourning its short life. I’m not even kidding.

So I love products like the milk from Twin Brooks Creamery. It’s bottled in… well… bottles, which I prefer over cartons and certainly over plastic jugs. Glass has a delightful way of not messing with the flavor of things, you know? Their milk is pasteurized, but not homogenized, and comes from Jersey cows rather than Holsteins.

I honestly don’t know what the difference is between Jersey and Holstein milk but, according to the Twin Brooks Creamery website, Jersey cows give milk higher in protein and buttermilk fat. This, combined with the non-homogenized milk in glass bottles, is supposed to enhance the flavors of the milk.

As someone who doesn’t particularly care for the flavors of milk in the first place, enhancing it is no something I’m really after. (In fact, I have some qualms about drinking milk at all, but that’s a topic for another post.) But I do appreciate that it tastes a lot like the milk I remember from my childhood, which came from the cows at the neighboring farm; cows that were grass-fed and milked the old-fashioned way.

The creamery offers a number of different sized bottles, so I can purchase only as much as I’ll actually use (we don’t go through much milk in this house). And they offer all the standard “fats”: heavy cream, half and half, whole,  2%, 1%, nonfat, plus extras like chocolate milk and eggnog. And, best of all, when it’s gone, I rinse out the milk bottle and return it to the grocery store, where it’s picked up by the dairy and reused.

No more staring wistfully into the recycle bin after milk cartons.


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