Weekend upcycle: the wire hanger

The weekend felt like a crazy whirlwind of never sitting down, but I did sneak a few minutes to complete a quick upcycle project using old wire hangers, some glass bottles, and a pair of “benders.”

Use the pliers, or bending tool of your choice, to unwind and straighten out the hanger. Rewrap the hanger around the neck of a glass bottle (being careful to tuck any pokey hanger ends). Use whatever method you like: you can wrap from one end of the hanger, from the middle, or whatever you think will give you the design you’re after. I went with the wherever-the-hanger-is-easiest-to-bend method. Don’t worry too much about a perfectly smooth hanger. Leaving some of the original kinks in the wire ads interesting texture.

Fill the jars with water, cut some flowers, and find an old fence. Et voila!


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