Garden disaster: pests!

Mr. Legume has been eking out as much time as possible on the weekends for our various yard projects, which, of course, includes the garden. I continue to be of no help in this area. It’s not that I’m being lazy, I swear. While he’s been busy digging in the dirt, I’ve been busy digging in the dirty dishes. I’m contributing to the household, just mostly indoors. It’s called “sharing the load.”

(Also, sometimes it’s rainy and I don’t want to be outside in it.)

Having lived here longer than he (both in Seattle and in this particular house), I warned Mr. Legume of some probable garden pests: snails, slugs, squirrels, birds, the usual. Plus cats. This neighborhood has a lot of cats, and garden beds look an awful lot like enormous litter boxes.

So far, it’s really only been the cats that have caused any problems, and Mr. Legume has kept them in check through a combination of garden fabric and strategically placed sticks.

But what we (he) wasn’t entirely prepared for is seedcorn maggots. At least that’s what we (he) thinks they are.

Yuck! They’ve invaded our green beans and Mr. Legume is freshly saddened with every sweet little maggoty seedling he has to pull out.  And me? I’m wondering how I’m supposed to make dilly beans this year without any beans.


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