Operation One Less (Car Ride)

Being home with the baby has given me ample opportunity to practice the concept on “One Less.” It’s nothing fancy; just the idea that one less fill-in-the-blank makes a difference over time. One less water bottle… one less plastic bag… one less disposable diaper… you get the gist. I already practice plenty of these, but I like to imagine that I can continuously add more “lesses” into my regular habits and make one less turn into thousands less.

I often refer to these endeavors as Operation One Less ______. You know, because I have a son who’s nearly obsessed with army games and I can get him more excited about participating in the one-lesses if I refer to them as “operations.” Also? Because I’m a dork.

Since I’ve been home, I’ve been walking to school in the afternoons to pick up my son. This doesn’t exactly count as one less car trip though, in that he was previously riding the bus to daycare in the afternoons and, presumably, that bus is still making its daily trip despite the absence of my darling boy. But I always drove him to school in the mornings, dropping him off on my way to work, and this is the car ride I’m hoping to make a daily one-less.

That probably doesn’t sound like much of a goal, but you don’t know me in the morning. The ability to get everyone up, dressed, fed, and out the door with enough time to walk the 10-ish blocks to school is not something I generally possess. But it’s silly to drive. Silly, I tell you. Especially when I still have 15 pounds of pregnancy fat to lose. So last night I decided we were going to do it. Today would be the day…

Bleary eyed, I drug myself out of bed a mere 20 minutes behind schedule. I got my son out of bed and threw some food on the table for his breakfast, got my other son up and threw a boob in his mouth for his breakfast, got us all dressed (sort of – the baby was still in his pjs, but those pjs were hiding a freshly changed diaper), and got one kid strapped into a stroller and the other balanced atop a bicycle…

…And we did it! We just barely made it to school before the bell rang, and I had to send my son scurrying to class while I struggled to get his bike locked onto the crowded rack. But we did it: one less car ride for the environment and a nice walk for me and my boys to boot.

And that makes day one of Operation One-Less-Car-Ride a success! We’ll see if we can go two for two tomorrow.

Now… on to Operation One Less Wasted Banana for the bonus round. (I’m cooking up some banana pancakes for dinner, along with a batch of banana muffins for the morning, all in an effort to use these rapidly browning bananas for something other than compost material.) Wish me luck.



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2 responses to “Operation One Less (Car Ride)

  1. Hello, I just found you and your terrific, I love the one-less or “operations” as you like to refer to them… I will have to do this myself!!! One-less.
    I couldn’t help my self, when you mentioned useing your rapidly browning bananas for something other than compost material. I have a great way to save those banana’s… When my start to get soft or not so nice a yellow, I peel each banana, wrap them one by one in wax paper, and place in sealed plastic bag – (all of which can be reused for the next batch of banana’s) and put then in the freezer and then use then when I want for pancakes, muffins even smoothies in the morning… Just a though!

  2. batticus

    Over ripe bananas can go straight into the freezer, there is no need to peel them (they won’t burst and make a mess).

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