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Homemade Christmas

I had already vowed to make more gifts for family this Christmas. This was partly because I have the kind of family (my mom, in particular) who appreciates such things. It was also partly because I want to start making more things in general, and Christmas seemed like a reasonable excuse to practice.

And then, after being out of work voluntarily for nearly three months (my unpaid maternity leave), I learned that I did not have a job to return to. My leave has left my savings account nearly depleted. And there’s no telling how long I’ll be out of work, with the recent job listings in my field leaving little room for optimism. So this homemade Christmas has just been upgraded from “cool idea” to “necessity.” And, with a Baby Jupiter taking up most of my time, I needed to get started months ago to have any hope of getting everything made in time.

Hopefully I’ll be able to carve out a little time during the Thanksgiving holiday to get started. On the list of projects (some to be made; some to be “recycled”):

  1. Cloth napkins. I made napkins for my first sewing lesson with my mom, so I thought it might be nice to make her some. And I just happen to have an ill-fitting vintage poinsettia tablecloth in the basement dying to be repurposed.
  2. Finger puppets. Jupiter has kicked off enough tiny socks during our many walks to leave us with a stack of mismatches. Bug and I will be decorating them with scrap yarn and buttons, and maybe some fabric paint as well, to make finger puppets for Jupiter’s amusement.
  3. Bath tea. My mom’s a big bather, and I’ve got a couple bath tea recipes that can be made from regular pantry items. I also saved a few old tea tins, which will make perfect gift boxes.
  4. Hand-me-downs. I’m partway through “Living the Good Life: Simple strategies for sustainable living” by Linda Cockburn. I think my mom would enjoy it, so I’m determined to finish it before Christmas so I can pass it on to her.

I’ve also got a couple ideas in the works for Mr. Legume, which I can’t post here in case he sees. Bug is harder in that I can’t make my own legos – he’ll probably consume what budget I have for store-bought gifts.

Pictures to follow… assuming I ever find time to complete any of these.


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