Plastic Free February is going plastic free during the month of February and inviting all of us to join in on the fun. The rules:

  1. Don’t buy/acquire any new plastic.
  2. Don’t cook or store food in plastic.
  3. Minimize all other plastic use.

I’ll admit, I’m tempted… but I’m just not up for it. Maybe it’s because I spent the day yesterday caring for an ill infant, but the mere idea of trying to go without his (plastic-handled) pacifier for an entire month almost makes me cry.

Still, I like the idea of a month spent being more conscious of our plastic consumption, particularly as an educational tool for Bug. With that in mind, we carefully examined the contents of our most recent grocery bag. It contained:

  1. one pizza-flavored bagel (a snack for Bug)
  2. 1/4 lb of sliced deli ham
  3. deli container of a farro salad (a snack for me)
  4. small container of fresh sage
  5. freezer-sized plastic baggies
  6. one jar of blue cheese salad dressing
  7. one package of blueberry scones
  8. one bunch of green onions
  9. one bag of apples
  10. one lime

As I pulled each item out of the bag, Bug shouted out “good!” (no plastic) or “bad!” (anything with plastic packaging). I placed all of the bad items at one end of the dining room table, and all the good items at the other end. The deli ham was sealed in a plastic baggie before the butcher handed it to me; the sage and scones came in plastic clamshell containers; the freezer baggies are, well, baggies; the salad dressing, while packaged in a glass jar, had a plastic lid; I put the green onions in a plastic produce bag; the apples were packaged in a bag (I normally don’t buy them that way, but these apples were small enough to be eaten in their entirety when packed in Bug’s lunch). Out of 10 items, only three were plastic-free (the lime, bagel, and farro salad). Pretty abysmal.

After shaking our heads in dismay at the piles, we decided to spend the rest of the month at least thinking about our plastic consumption, even if we don’t aim to eradicate it entirely. I have some fun activities planned for us to help wrap our minds around how much plastic is in our lives. Will be sharing more as the month goes on…


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