Operation One Less (produce bag)

Holy crap, you guys. Holy crap.

We have been collecting our plastic trash for almost a week now, and… HOLY CRAP! We have a lot of plastic. I’m embarrassed to share photos but, in the name of education, I will. (Tomorrow. Today is the last day of our collection week, so Bug and I will be examining and documenting our shame tonight. Should be ready to share tomorrow, and then I will hang my humiliated head for the rest of “plastic free” February.)

I am an environmentally conscious person. I certainly have not attained saint level green status, but I’d say I’m better than the average person (though, admittedly, that’s not really saying much). I’ve been hauling reusable shopping bags into grocery stores since the late ’80s, back when they required explanation. Without instruction, the cashiers would turn the bags over and over searching for a bar code to swipe, wondering aloud when and why the store started carrying tote bags. The teenage bag boys and girls would stare at them equally confounded and fold them up before asking “paper or plastic?” But judging by the enormous pile of mostly food-related plastic waste, it’s clear that I need to go much further than reusable shopping bags.

Any fruits and vegetables with thick enough skins are allowed to ride in my grocery cart free-range style, but for years I’ve been meaning to get some sort of reusable produce bags for my green leafies. After only a few days of collecting our plastic – and seeing the pile of green and yellow produce bags quickly stack up – I marched my butt to the store and finally made it happen. I am now the proud owner of several reusable TazzyTotes produce bags.

They embarked on their maiden voyage over the weekend, and brought home carrots, parsley, asparagus, and lentils (they work well for the bulk section too). Take that, plastic produce bag!


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