Change the World Wednesday: Water conservation

I recently discovered the Reduce Footprints blog, and decided to join last week’s Change the World Wednesday Challenge. The challenge: take only showers for the week and limit them to five minutes. I thought this would be an easy challenge for me since Baby Jupiter generally sees to it that I never have more than five minutes to do any one thing anyway. I’m also a habitual over-sleeper, so I’m extremely experienced in the fine art of a speedy shower.


It finally decided to be sunny in Seattle this week, so I shaved my legs. Five-minute shower fail. And then Mr. Legume and I shared a shower, and that always makes them last longer (though not for any of the steamy reasons you’re imagining, much to Mr. Legume’s chagrin). Five-minute shower fail again. I think I’ve come in at the five minute mark once out of four attempts. But I have been using the low water flow setting on the shower head, so surely that counts for something.


To make up for my (so far) epic fail, I thought I’d share a water-saving shower tip with you. If your house is old an inefficient like mine, a fair amount of perfectly good water goes straight down the drain while you’re waiting for it to warm up to a suitable temperature. Stick a bucket under the faucet to collect the water (remove the bucket before you start actually bathing so that you don’t end up collecting soap suds as well). You’ll be amazed (and shocked and dismayed) at how much water was previously going down the drain. Use your bucket o’ bath H20 to water house plants, soak dirty pots and pans, add it to your rain barrels, or use it to flush your toilet (pour the water into the toilet bowl – carefully, until you get the feel for your toilet’s “flush point” – and it will flush without using the water from the toilet tank).


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  1. Fabulous post! I think that taking even one 5-minute shower qualifies as a success. Add to that a low-flow shower head and you’re doing even better! And thank you for the tips … that’s a great idea to save the “warm-up” water for flushing a toilet, plants, etc.

    I saw your post a bit late but I’m headed over to modify my post and add you in. 🙂

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