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Potential Upcycle: Forgotten Doors

Nearly a decade ago I purchased five old (period appropriate) solid-core 5-panel doors with the intent of painting them and hanging them in place of the new (cheap and tacky) hollow-core 4-panel doors that lined my hallway. Thinking I would tackle the project in the next few months, I stored the doors in my basement where, as it turns out, projects and inspiration and motivation go to die. The doors are still there leaning against the far wall where I originally placed them, glaring bitterly at me whenever I pass.

I’ve been cleaning out the basement over the past few months, which has led me to spend considerable time contemplating their fates. It seems clear that my original plan is not to materialize, so now what? I’ve thought about numerous ways to repurpose them, but none have really felt quite right. (Or, more accurately, all my ideas have felt like yet another project that will never get started.)

And then last week I was wandering around the back yard, sighing heavily at all the unfinished (unstarted) projects outside, when I leaned on a section of rotted fence. And then I had an idea.

I did a little google image search, and found these:

Photo Source

Photo Source

Photo Source

Photo Source

Photo Source

Photo Source

That last one’s my favorite. Isn’t is fantastic? I kind of love it. What do you think?

He built his fences out of doors and made the trespassers into guests.”
~Patrick Edwards-Daugherty~



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Weekend upcycle: the wire hanger

The weekend felt like a crazy whirlwind of never sitting down, but I did sneak a few minutes to complete a quick upcycle project using old wire hangers, some glass bottles, and a pair of “benders.”

Use the pliers, or bending tool of your choice, to unwind and straighten out the hanger. Rewrap the hanger around the neck of a glass bottle (being careful to tuck any pokey hanger ends). Use whatever method you like: you can wrap from one end of the hanger, from the middle, or whatever you think will give you the design you’re after. I went with the wherever-the-hanger-is-easiest-to-bend method. Don’t worry too much about a perfectly smooth hanger. Leaving some of the original kinks in the wire ads interesting texture.

Fill the jars with water, cut some flowers, and find an old fence. Et voila!

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