Mr. Legume: He’s not really my mister in that we’re not married, but he lives here and makes himself useful and that’s enough for me. He’s also a recovering hippie full of hippie ideas about doing his part to save the earth.

Bug: My oldest son, who’s blessed me with his presence for 9 years. He helps save the earth by frowning at SUVs. But he thinks Hummers are pretty cool. (He’s a kid. He’ll grow out of it.)

Jupiter: My youngest son, shared with Mr. Legume, born in August of 2010. He does his part by wearing cloth diapers. He also frequently attempts to recycle his lunch by spitting it up all over my shoulder. And my lap. And the couch. Not particularly useful, but it’s the thought that counts.

Me: I’m just your average mom. This blog documents my quest to become more efficient and less wasteful in running my household.


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